I keep my feet on the ground for fear of flying too close to the sun.
The rays turn skin into tar. Black ashes.
On the ship we were planted bodies against bodies.
Toes dragging, scraping at the dirt.
Trees kept our secrets in the late night air.
Stars formed formations of freedom.
Don’t dare go near the light. It will burn your vision.
Turn your dreams into ruins.
We buried hope in the ocean’s waves.
Engulfing sand scriptures.
Our skeletons made timelines on the sea floor.
Bones turned into cities.
Sunlight turned flesh into ashes.
We never knew the new world could be so hot.

© 2014 Ahmunet Jessica Jordon. All Rights Reserved.

Bound Bulls 

I am protecting you with a brief lullaby. Coating your heart with images of magic.
I turn the lights out. Your temperature feels like over one hundred degrees, sweaty film dripping of water. I’m reminded you’re still human in the times I forget, watching you sleep like Divine served me a platter of perfection on a pedestal. Your sweat is like the promise of rain when I needed it the most after the world lied to me. After they told my Dad hands on your knees the guns pointed directly at my heart. They raped me of my innocence and perhaps you already knew of my past because your always grabbing for a piece of my skin as if the world lied to you too, gripping onto me like handlebars we were lured to each other as a safe haven for bulls the matador charging at both of our souls, the spikes aiming for our necks you told me when I said I love you your heart swallowed it like a vitamin.

© 2014 Ahmunet Jessica Jordon. All Rights Reserved.


 2:00 am

I know you’ve heard yes so many times before
but really, this time the answer is no.
My decision isn’t waxing or waning like the crescent moon
but rather full, heavy, weighted and bright.
Quite thoughtful to be exact.
Skillful like my love for you.
And if this is broken then let me say I will attack,
like a pack of hungry howling wolves
in search of their next meal.
This is not a game of trickery or out smarting the other.
This is as simple as my answer.
As strong as the scorpion’s venomous sting
I am ready.

© 2014 Ahmunet Jessica Jordon. All Rights Reserved.


Photo by Nye Lyn Tho