Artist Statement


I am a poetic prose investigator.

Sent to investigate the somatic self, the guttural feelings that arise in response to emotions.

I explore the themes of Black American identity, religion, the duality of relationships, love, the uncomfortable erotic, the space in between, home, and the merging together of the spirit, dream, and realistic worlds. How do these themes shape and shift our human nature? Do they? How are these worlds expressed in the written world? When addressing the human condition, I am invested in human consciousness as a constant condition and present positionality. As humans we are always dealing with and unpacking our emotions. I think about an experience past, or present that I have a somatic connection with/to. I write one line that I remember, feels capturing of that feeling, or someone said in the experience. Where do these triggers take us? What as humans do we refuse to connect with? What are we too afraid to unpack to/for ourselves?

Currently I am working on my first poetic prose book, Black and Blueprints, accounting a hodgepodge of relationships with self, place, time, spirit, sex, emotion, and race, mainly presented in chunks of charged poetic prose.

Photo by Nye Lyn Tho


2:00 am


Photo by Nye Lyn Tho

2:00 am

I know you’ve heard yes so many times before
but really, this time the answer is no.
My decision isn’t waxing or waning like the crescent moon
but rather full, heavy, weighted and bright.
Quite thoughtful to be exact.
Skillful like my love for you.
And if this is broken then let me say I will attack,
like a pack of hungry howling wolves
in search of their next meal.
This is not a game of trickery or out smarting the other.
This is as simple as my answer.
As strong as the scorpion’s venomous sting
I am ready.
© 2014 Ahmunet Jessica Jordon. All Rights Reserved.


Creative Production Meets Political Imagination

event photo
November 15-16th
9:00 am- 7:30 pm
The California Institute of integral Studies
1453 Mission Street, SF, CA, 94103

Join us for a weekend of workshops, problem-solving, dialogue, and strategy-sharing on ART, JUSTICE, & COMMUNITY. We have an outstanding list of presenters and performers whose practices span decades of activism and art-making, as well as creative strategies from music to social sculpture.

Presenter/Performers Include:
Sita Bhaumik
Larry Bogad
Victor D. Cartagena
Ali Dadgar
Annie Danger
Melanie DeMore
Ana Teresa Fernandez
Amy Franceschini
Marisa Handler
Chris Johnson
Stephanie Anne Johnson
Rhodessa Jones
Ahmunet Jessica Jordon
Krissy Keefer
John Jota Leaños
Rick Lowe
Bisola Marignay
Amara Tabor Smith
David Solnit
Pireeni Sundaralingam
Michael Swaine

For more info call 415.575.6242

FREE and OPEN to the public.
Sponsored by ABD Productions, the MFA Programs at CIIS, the Center for Art and Social Justice, and The Arts at CIIS

Image by: Michael Swaine